“I have a sensual weakness for things that taste,
smell and look fabulous!”

If you would like to surprise me with something to remember you by,
here are some of my favourite things. If you would like to let me know
that I am in your thoughts outside of our meetings, I have conveniently selected items on my wishlist:


Decadent taste, lingering scent…

Chocolates: I love all types of chocolate.
My Favourite Flowers: I love all different types of flowers, but my favourites are white roses.
My Favourite perfume: Mon Paris, by Yves Saint-Laurent.

For us to enjoy over stimulating conversation…

Wine: white; Sauvignon Blanc, Champagne, red; Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Shiraz.
(These are merely suggestions, don’t be shy to introduce me to your favourite vintages.
I always enjoy discovering new tastes).

Favourite types of cuisine:
French, Japanese and Italian.

For indulging…

Amazon (gift card)
Strom Spa (gift certificate)

Another way to warm my heart…

Make a donation to one of the following charities I so actively support:
Amnesty International
WSPA: World Society for The Protection Of Animals
Humanesociety of Canada
Doctors without Borders