Packages begin at a the two-hour rendez-vous so that we can both relax and enjoy each others company without the time constraints a shorter engagement would have. It is important to me that we establish a special connection during our rendez-vous, one which cannot be rushed. Please inquire for longer engagements or travel inquiries.

Traveling is truly my favorite activity. I adore discovering new destinations and revisiting favorite ones. The following packages are advantageous and include all travel expenses for your convenience.

I have purposely hand picked these locations because they are my favourite spots to decompress, if not for just a brief getaway with a special gentleman friend, where memories are made. Let’s indulge!


  • 2 Hours $1000


  • 3 Hours $1200

    Cocktails in private

  • 4 Hours $1400

    Lunch or dinner date

  • 6 Hours $1800

    Extended dinner date

  • Up to 12 Hours $3200

  • 24 Hours $5000

  • 48 Hours $7000

  • 1 week $15000

Montreal Couples

  • 2 Hours $1200

  • 3 Hours $1500

  • 4 Hour Dinner Date $1800

  • 6 Hour Dinner Date $2200

‘Fly me to you’ Packages


  • Overnight visit $3700
  • 24 Hours $5800
  • 48 Hours $7500

Vancouver & Calgary

  • 24 Hours $5800
  • 48 Hours $7800

Longer packages and travel to other destinations are available upon request. Please note that any travel package has a minimum 50% deposit requirement with the balance at my arrival. Discreet wire transfers are offered for your convenience and privacy of which I hold to the highest value.

Looking forward to meeting you…