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WOW. How to begin to describe Catherine when words like beautiful and gorgeous just don't seem good enough. I'll start by saying her hair is a luxurious black mane the flows down past her shoulders. She has such eyes that you can't help but lose yourself in them, they light up with her smile dance when she laughs and when she gets that smoldering "I want you" look, its enough to think your in heaven. Her lips are so beautiful when she smiles and so soft when she kisses you. Everything about her face is set perfectly. My description of her face should give an idea of what I could say about her body...Catherine is a genuine jewel not to be missed.


Catherine had been on my “to do” list for some time, and when an opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance. She answers her own emails promptly. She arrived on time. The pictures of her in her site are high quality and accurate. Those pouty full lips are for real and they appear spontaneously in conversation… she is naturally seductive. She combines raw sexuality with intelligence and a great sense of humour. If you can get past her gorgeous green eyes framed by long black hair and stop stammering, you will be captivated. Her breasts are full, smooth skinned and defy gravity, and her butt is erotic… the pics on her site only hint at her silky supple yet firm tone… they go from “come hither” to “Wild Wild West in seconds. You could lose your sanity in her sensual thighs."..." A less than perfect time together is unthinkable"..."you will not be disappointed"


This is my second visit with Catherine. Our first encounter was so memorable that I was thinking of ways to get back up to Montreal to see her again.".... "She has such a sexy manner that just the response was a turn on. I made the arrangements for a nice suite and figured we would order room service. We would have to meet in the lobby of this hotel, so I went down to grab a cup of coffee a few minutes early. As I turned the corner there she was. Dressed in the smart skirt suit she told me she would be wearing, she looked fantastic. Catherine has a great sense of style and beauty, her hair and makeup were perfect. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her as I wasn't expecting her to be a little early. I found out just how eager she was to see me after we got to the room.


Very Beautiful, compassionate lover providing a true GFE experience. I have seen Catherine Dumont escort several times and as her website says that time spent with her is always stimulating in all respects. She is very beautiful, cultured and a compassionate individual providing a true GFE experience." Also from One.Lover: "Professional courtesy along with a good sense of humor is the hallmark of this young lady who can be easily termed as a true specimen of a courtesan in the lively city of Montreal. Guys, a rendezvous with Catherine can only bring a grin on your face that will stay for quite some time, so do not hesitate to book her!


Her face is exceedingly beautiful and I was particularly mesmerized by her eyes and her smile. Catherine's website does an excellent job presenting her, but it did not prepare me for how incredibly warm she is, her sense of humor, or her single minded determination to make sure I enjoyed my time.


Beauty, brains and personality...perfect trifecta.